Play and Sand Therapy

Play Therapy
What is Sand/play Therapy?

Sandtray, sandbox or sandplay therapy is a form of experiential workshop which allows greater exploration of deep emotional issues. Sandplay therapy is suitable for children and adults and allows them to reach a deeper insight into and resolution of a range of issues in their lives such as deep anger, depression, abuse or grief.

 Through a safe and supportive process they are able to explore their world using a sandtray and a collection of miniatures. Accessing hidden or previously unexplored areas is often possible using this expressive and creative way of working which does not rely on “talk” therapy.
What situations can Play Therapy Help with?   Many situations or family circumstances can effect a child’s emotional well being. Any change to a normal routine or life situation is difficult for adults to adapt to, so therefor a major change will sometimes be difficult for children to understand and process. When a child has been through a traumatic event, sometimes their emotions and feelings become overwhelming, this can result in self disruptive behaviour such as angry outbursts, withdrawn behaviour, or even silence. When some adults go through difficult events, they may seek counselling or therapy, to let go of the problem, digest it and move on. It is important for children to have this opportunity too! Too many children are left to just get on with their problems and are forgotten about because parents or adults have their own problems and may believe that because children are still learning, that they should just accept the situation.  Play Therapy is an environment where children are never judged. They are free to be themselves and express themselves in any way they want. They are provided with a therapist which is highly trained and understands, child psychology, and the psyche. They are able to help the child work through their emotional difficulties. Play Therapy can help children in traumatic events such as:   Abuse Bereavement  Loss Separation Divorce Being bullied Play therapy can also help children who display self destructive or withdrawn behaviour.      Referring a child for Play Therapy Katy Peacock is a qualified Therapeutic Play Practitioner and Social Worker based in Southampton, Hampshire. Therapy sessions can be held in schools, community centres, or family home. Please contact Katy using the contact form if you would like to find out any more information, or refer a child or young person in Hampshire.