Katy Peacock Social Worker and Play Therapist

Katy Peacock

Katy Peacock Social Worker and Play Therapist
Katy Peacock Social Worker and Play Therapist

Katy Peacock  is a registered Therapeutic Play Practitioner and qualified Social Worker practicing in Fostering and Adoption. She has written and designed stories to help parents, and professionals which are concerned for the emotional welfare of children or young people.

Sometimes  parents, carers or professionals feel that mentioning a problem to a child will only make things worse. With a soothing story, there is a message within, which the child or young person may not even know is there, and they can find ways of solving their own problems.

Soothing Stories can help children with a range of different problems, such as:

Challenging behaviour, ADHD, Anger management difficulties, withdrawn behaviour, selective mute, bullying, low self esteem, difficulties in social skills and making friends and attachment disorder.

Some situations or traumatic events which soothing stories can help with are:

Divorce, bereavement, loss, abuse, separation from family members or friends, transition, being bullied, weight problems, family breakdown, child protection procedures,  and being in care.

Soothing Stories help parents, foster carers, or professionals who are in contact with children or young people with emotional difficulties.